Posted by Valentine Katz on

Leaving our first ever premises was scary but hype too. At Brixton's Baddest we run a strict NO-SNAKE policy so we had to move out of there and fast. 
Thanks to Blast Skates we were blessed to get this iconic spot at Brixton Arches for a month or so til while we sorted everything out. 
That was it! We felt more like at home. Within 2 days we knew all locals by name and everyone was welcome to our shop. As the head snake put it 'we were finally there with all the Brixton scum, where we belong". 
And we did take full advantage of that! Every week we hosted a free event open to all. Thank to Old Blue Last Beer and Vita Coco we were able to provide free drinks to everyone passing by. Eventually everyone got together. We hosted film screenings, we had DJ's, we did radio shows, we had a pop up with local rad illustrator Bans. But most importantly we were happy to meet new people, open conversations about skateboarding, about South Bank and Stockwell regeneration. Non skaters realised how important our community is and we as skaters realised how lucky we are to be part of the great community that Brixton is.