Future Is Primitive DVD


We strongly suggest you to watch this amazing documentary exploring two fields that might seem unrelated but through Katsuya's eyes they seem to make the whole world make sense. Brixton's Baddest strongly recommends this DVD by one of the most poly-talented people we ever came across!! Here is a video about the films London Premier at House of Vans

Throughout the interviews with shakuhachi players and skateboarders this documentary explores "the change of times" and the "core of things" and will make you rethink about modernization.

Katsuya Nonaka, the director, is a skateboarder himself and also a pro skakuhachi player. He has many other professions such as rice farming, translation, and is member of Seppuku Pistols. This film features many well-respected shakuhachi players and skaters such us Atsuya Okuda and Silas Baxter Neal. Katsuya started working on this film in 2011 when the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster happened. The film was released in 2015 right before skatebarding officially got into the Olympics.