Mini Logo Bearings

Mini Logo Bearings

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  • Mini Logo™ Bearings are Skate Rated™, precision 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications. They have a removable rubber shield on one side, a removable metal shield on the other, a high speed molded ball retainer, precision ground and super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls, and come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™... twice the performance and half the price you would expect.


    * High Performance, Skate Rated™ Construction
    * Chromium Steel Balls & Rings
    * Precision ground & Super-finished Raceways
    * High Speed, Extra Tough Ball Cage (Removable)
    * Flexible Rubber Shield on One Side (Removable)
    * Rigid Metal Shield on One Side (Removable)
    * Speed Cream™ Synthetic Racing Oil

    SPEED! On a budget - what more can you ask for? #militant #minilogo

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